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Designing and Making My Own British Watch

Since I started on my watchmaking journey, it has been my grand ambition to design and hand-make my own British watch. One of the first books I purchased after my interest had been piqued was George Daniels’ Watchmaking. This is a fairly exhaustive description of how to make every part of a watch by hand. […]


Wessex Watches

Overview Price point: £4,740-£8,640 Quantity produced: less than 100 per year Percentage British: 40% UK Staff: 2 Location: Wiltshire _________________ About Wessex Watches are a relatively new watch company headed by Jamie Boyd. The brand Wessex comes from the name of the ancient British kingdom made most famous by Alfred the Great, where Jamie’s workshop […]


April 2019 Update

After a long break from not updating this website, I thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up to recently. My first hand-made watch is finished! It’s been over 7 years since I started on the path to become a watchmaker, but I can finally say that I am one now – having made […]


How to Polish a Watch Case and Bracelet

A watchmaker’s work is often left unappreciated as it is hidden inside the case. The fact that the watch is keeping time and functioning as it should are the only outside indicators of a well serviced watch. When studying to become a watchmaker we were often told the mantra that “you can’t see a good […]


How to Become a Watchmaker – Part One – Introduction

So you have an interest in watches, and like the idea of becoming a watchmaker. As a watchmaker myself, who made a very conscious decision to choose this career and embarked upon a path to become traditionally trained, I cannot recommend the industry highly enough. The sense of satisfaction from taking something old, worn and […]


June 2016 Update

5 years ago I made the decision to become a watchmaker. It was a completely unexpected result of searching for a new career, and it has been a very interesting journey. I’ve written about the story of becoming a watchmaker here. Anyway, some news. Firstly I’m writing articles again now after an extended break. The […]


Becoming a Watchmaker

It’s been an interesting and unexpected journey in becoming a watchmaker. If I knew at the beginning what I would have to sacrifice to get to where I am now, would I still have gone ahead? Damn right I would have. Watchmaking is a fabulous career. I always look forward to and gain incredible amounts […]


Robert Loomes Stamford Ltd.

Overview Founded: 2011 (watchmaking heritage since 1654) UK Staff: 12 Watches Produced: c.400 per year Price Point: £3,850-£17,800 Percentage British: 100% _________________ About Robert Loomes Stamford Ltd. is an established clock and watch repairer with a long heritage and contribution to British horology. Alongside their repair and restoration business, within their workshop they manufacture entirely […]


August 2015 Update

It’s been some time since I’ve provided an update, but fear not I have been busy behind the scenes. First up I took my 3rd year BHI exams in May 2014, which also included the Drawing Clock/Watch Escapement exam that I had postponed from the 2nd year. The reason for the postponement was that I […]


Watch Anti-Shock Settings

The balance wheel pivots are the thinnest in the watch, as they are the lowest torque. However they also carry what is often the heaviest wheel and so therefore are very vulnerable to break if the watch receives a shock. For pocket watches and clocks this was not a huge problem as they were generally […]

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