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Sortie 18 – Harold Kramer

79 years ago, Spitfire ML295, piloted by Harold Kramer of 411 Squadron, was hit by anti-aircraft fire while flying on a mission in Northern France. Kramer, known as Hal to his wartime friends, managed to glide his Spitfire down safely and make an escape. This Spitfire has now been recovered and restored and is flying […]


Sortie 17 – Harold Nixon

Harold Joseph Nixon flew in Spitfire ML295, the Spitfire that The Few watch is being made from, a total of 5 times – with recovered gun camera footage from the aircraft recording his incredible skill as a pilot. His aggressive and professional attitude set the tone for his extensive tour as both a Hurricane and […]


The Few – Video

79 years ago the Spitfire that I’m creating “The Few” from was built. The Few is a series of exclusive handmade watches which, like the Spitfire, are completely made in Britain. On 13th April 1944, production was completed on Spitfire ML295 at the Castle Bromwich Spitfire factory.  The aircraft was an LF Mark 9, which […]


Family of Wartime Pilots Visit Spitfire

As part of the ongoing research into Spitfire ML295 and the pilots that flew in her, I have managed to make contact with a number of family members of the original pilots. This part of the research has always been one of the most gratifying. Almost without exception, when the Spitfire pilots returned home from […]


The Few Watch – Summary

I was recently approached to write an article for the newsletter of the British Watch and Clock Makers’ Guild. The article became a good summary of The Few project so far and so I thought that I would share it. It was published in September 2022. The Guild is a small organisation, but they hold […]


The Dirty Dozen

The Dirty Dozen have been created as a modern homage to the original Watch Wrist Waterproof (W.W.W.) created by 12 companies for the British Army during WW2. During WW2, when the British Army decided that a supply of standardised wristwatches was required, they turned to 12 Swiss-based companies, as the British watch industry was busily […]


The Spitfire Watch

The Great British Watch Company is creating “The Few”; a British watch handmade from a WW2 Spitfire that allows enthusiasts to get closer to the aircraft by providing an authentic connection to their passion. Britain is the historic home of watchmaking and most of the technology in a modern watch originated here. I am passionate […]


British Watchmaking

British Watch Brands in 2023 Watchmaking is a British trade. This is evidenced by the fact that every major escapement design, and around three-quarters of the remaining innovations came from the UK. As a result there are now a number of emerging British watch companies and brands looking to revitalise that legacy. Below is a […]


Sortie 16 -Robert Cooke

Robert “Bob” Cooke, was the highest scoring pilot that flew in Spitfire ML295; this is the Spitfire that The Few watch is being created from. With career credits of 4 aircraft destroyed and 2 damaged, he narrowly missed becoming designated an Ace pilot (which required 5 aircraft destroyed). His impressive score sheet began on 14th […]


Sortie 15 – Tommy Wheler DFC

Over the next few Sorties, I will provide a short biography of 5 of the 11 pilots that flew Spitfire ML295, the aircraft that The Few watch will be created from. The first pilot we will look at will be Tommy Wheler, who was the first pilot to fly ML295 operationally. On 2nd June 1944 […]

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